For Sale: Anna

Anna is a coming 5 year old mare, 16.2 hand Perch/tb cross mare. Anna is a lovely, sensible mare that has been a pleasure to bring along. She takes everything in stride and will make an excellent eventing prospect and has showed great promise as a horse that wants to hunt. In only six weeks time, she showed such a great maturity and brain for the hunt field. We have recently hunted her in second field this season 2018-19 with Blue Ridge, Loudoun Fairfax, Loudoun and Potomac. Each time she goes out she just shows this is her calling as well. She was wonderful with the hounds and sure footed in some moments that were very deep footing and steep banks and ditches. A little anxious around horses coming up on her, but all she needs is a dozen more times out hunting and that will be gone. Just a typical reaction of a smart mare protecting herself. She is so brave crossing creeks, down banks, thru trashy mud and handles it like a seasoned horse. She has taken some optional coops out hunting and it was like she had been doing for five seasons. She is going to make a lovely horse and a confident amateur could easily finish her off. She is brave schooling xc and going to new indoors and places. This is a mare that comes around rarely and ideal for that person wanting a really comfortable up hill ride. Priced at 10K. Firm.