Lease a Hunt Horse, or Show Horse

Lease a Hunt Horse, or Show Horse

Van Vixen Farm leases high-quality show and hunt horses to adults and kids, providing supervision in the hunt field when necessary.  Horses are schooled very well on the flat and over fences making for a very enjoyable hunt experience.  Most all of the hunt horses at Van Vixen Farm are horses that compete at the VHSA shows over fences and in flat classes.

On-Farm Leases Available

* Monthly rates ​include week riding and weekend riding, plus horse to take to shows, trail riding, or fox hunting. Tack included.


Before jumping in and buying a horse, here is an introductory way where you can have riding time, and not be  responsible for vet bills, feeding, insurance, bedding, hauling, trailering training, and overall boarding.  Ideal for working adults and kids learning to ride.

WHY LEASE and Not Own:  Average Board in Loudoun County is $650.00 for full care.   Insurance $90.00 mo/ Farrier $180.00 per month; Vet/ Deworming/Vaccination $60.00/mo with no major incident, Supplements= $1020.00 per horse per month (Very conservative number)

*Not included in figures above: 

Tack and equipment: Saddle for $1500.00 and Bridle for $100.00 ( low end),  Grooming supplies $50.00/month,  Hauling expenses Truck and Trailer

Training fees for horses, chiropractic needs if necessary, facility fees including jumps, ride out at $25.00/ride.